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My main business activity is the buying, selling and letting of industrial and commercial buildings. I am NOT an estate agent - I do not buy, sell or let for other people. All properties listed below belong to my various companies or self administered pension fund.

In addition to propery, I have in the past backed a lot of business start-ups. Some of these have worked well but most have not - this is an extremely high risk activity

Most of my busines interests (but not all) are held through Armstrong Brooks Ltd which is 100% in my ownership. If you look at the accounts you will see it only shows shareholders funds of about 6m and about 7m of debt. The debt is made up of about 3.5m borrowed from me personally and a further 3.5m borrowed from my self administered pension fund. As a group, we are effectively debt free.

In addition to that all properties are listed at the lower of valuation or cost. The market value of properties shown on the list (as below) is around 30m

Property Portfolio
This is a list (as above) of most of my current properties (it excludes some properties held in my personal name)

Property To Let or For Sale
All of the properties listed are available for sale but the only properties which are actively to let or for sale right now is Sunderland

Property in Detail
This area is password protected. For access please contact me

Property Requirement
I am actively looking for modern single storey factories and warehouses from 20,000 sq ft up to 500,000 sq ft anywhere in the UK, whether occupied or vacant. I am a cash buyer and can buy within hours if necessary without survey. Other types of commercial property will be considered - especially retail parks (but not residential properties)

Previous Transactions
I have carried out literally hundreds of transactions. Over an 11 year period I acquired a major site every three weeks. Including the land which is now the UK headquarters of BMW at Thorne, Doncaster. Since then, I have slowed down a lot and built the current portfolio which is debt free.

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I bought this 50 acre site in the early 80's as a field and spent several years arranging access directly off the motorway roundabout. In 1989 I persuaded BMW it would be perfect as their UK distribution centre and they bought the land from me and built the current facility. If you drive a BMW in the UK, it probably lived here for a while!

We are tentatively looking at lending money but only to businesses. This would be on the following criteria in principle:
  • From 250,000 to 500,000
  • Maximum period of 12 months
  • Loan To Value of up to 70%
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Within two hours drive of Manchester
  • Commercial or Industrial Buildings but no residential buildings
  • Land of any kind
  • We take a first charge on the property
  • Quick decisions - I will personally meet you and look at the property
Like all criteria these may be relaxed on occasion.

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