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I have a degree in Mathematical Physics from Birmingham University and my interests include computer programming, fast cars, planes and politics.


I am in the property business so you would expect me to live in a big house - and I do. This is it. A Victorian mansion set in four acres of private grounds with a private theatre that seats 100 people. Or it would do if the people who I bought in off in 1994 had not walked off with all the chairs.

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Computer Programming

Much of my time over the last thirty years has been taken up with an attempt to understand the nature of human intelligence and how to emulate it on a computer. The result is MOPEKS.

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I write in a number of languages but mainly use vb.net, visual c++ and asm for serious programs. You can see examples of my less serious web based work here


In about 1980, my business took off and I was able (at last) to indulge my fantasies and buy something worth having - prior to that I had driven old bangers. Apart from the occasional Rolls Royce (very unreliable) I have mostly owned high-performance cars - including an endless succession of Audi Quattro Coupe Turbos - mostly in red or white. Plus several Lotus Esprit Turbos.

The three photos below are on the wall of my office. The first one shows two Quattros with identical number plates - click on the thumb for the full story. The second shows one of my Lotuses parked outside my old house in Gloucester Mews, London. The third one shows the Lamborghini Diablo in the drive at Parklands. A very unreliable car that could easily kill you on a corner. It would do 95mph in second gear though! Or so I am told - I would not dream of exceeding 70 mph.

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Other notable cars I have owned are the Porsche 911 Turbo S, the McLaren MP4-12C and the Audi R8 manual. All three are shown below parked at Parklands. The Porsche was a good car and is now owned by Lord Bamford - the owner of JCB. Not "a JCB" but JCB. The McLaren was a fantastic car but hideously unreliable. New ones are much better, I am told. The R8 was so good I traded it in for another one when it got old (in white further below)

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My current cars are an Audi R8 V10 manual, a Lamborghini Huracan and an Audi S8 Plus. All photographed at the front of Parklands recently.

The R8 is a fantastic car and if you can only afford a cheap supercar, this is the one to get. Totally reliable, corners on rails, goes like shit-off-a-shovel, looks great. You can even go places in it (it has a fair sized boot).

The Huracan is something else. Again, totally reliable. But brutal. You do need to be careful or you could so easily kill yourself. It is just so insanely quick and nimble. Sticks to the road like glue but so easy to exceed your talent as a driver. You cannot actually go anywhere in it, obviously. There is no room in it for anything other than a sick bag and some credit cards.

As for the S8 Plus, this is a superbly elegant and comfortable car. It says "I am seriously wealthy and successful but modest and unassuming". Yup, that's me. It also knows that unless you are driving a serious supercar it will leave you for dead at the lights. It has 600 BHP and the acceleration is brutal - even in 8th gear at 70 mph. But cruising at the speed limit it is totally quiet inside - like a church (a Church of England church obviously ie empty). Bear in mind that the Lotus Esprit Turbo above (the James Bond car) had 220 BHP.

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I bought the personal number FLY 1N at a DVLA auction about thirty years ago - I got carried away and paid far too much for it. As for RWC1 I bought that about 25 years ago from a man in London. My real initials are RC but the Pope probably owns RC1 so I contented myself with RWC1 (my grandfather was called William, so it is vaguely appropriate). According to my father, William Cory was a "bad tempered old bastard who would disagree with people as a matter of principle". Fortunately I am not like that. Well, a bit maybe.


I have always loved planes so if you can think of a way I can get involved in aviation and make some money (or only lose small amounts) please get in touch. Maybe buy a business, set one up or back you if you know what you are doing.

I recently flew from Hawarden to Leeds and back for a cup of coffee (landing fee in Leeds 171.92 and the coffee machine was broken) in a TBM700 built in 2004 (planes fly forever) with John and Len. Nice people. I am probably spoiled by fancy cars but you would expect a plane that even now is worth about 1m to be super quiet, luxurious and with plenty of room. Unfortunately not. I think I need a jet.

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The Phenom 100 is a really lovely little "beginner's jet" so I chartered one for a day trip to Zurich and back (as you do) from Zac at Sovereign Business Jets. The pilots (Peter and Clive) were very helpful and the whole trip was was well organised and successful.

The only irritating thing was that on coming back from Zurich the security people insisted we go through the metal detecting nonsense. Grrr. The whole point of being on a private jet is to avoid being treated like cattle so that really pissed me off (yes, I know, patience is a virtue)

But a great little plane - I really want one. Expensive though - a day in a light jet would buy you a very nice car.

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Then there are helicopters - a nice man gave me a lift to London in one. He just landed in my garden and off we went to Biggin Hill to see a collection Pilatus 12C Turboprops. Here are some pictures from a grand day out (yup, Wallace & Grommit)

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PS People who actually know what they are doing don't buy jets - they rent turboprops (the famous FFF) and put up with the extra noise. That is because turboprops have a longer range, bigger carrying capacity, will land on smaller runways, pilot training is less intensive and they are almost as fast. But, damn it, I want a jet ... but having said that, this is the Piaggio Avanti P180 II turboprop - I think I may be in love ... again.

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PPS I am told that the Piaggio Avanti P180 II is the Alfa Romeo of the skies - great when it is not broken down by the side of the road. I mean, it's Italian, innit

Politics and Religion

In polite society you never discuss P and R so here goes.

My mother was a keen Evangelical Christian and my father was an avid socialist and up to the age of 30 I went to church, read the Guardian and voted Labour! I mean, really. Then one day (yes, literally) I suddenly realised that the rich (most of us anyway) aren't rich because we have robbed the workers (although we would if we could) but because we have supplied goods and/or services to the workers at lower prices than our competitors - thereby making the workers better off! And us, of course - that's why we did it - we don't give a shit about the workers - them being better off is just an amazing (and annoying) side effect of us getting richer!

But it doesn't stop there. The workers being better off means that they have even more money to spend and so we can go on getting richer and richer and they can go on being better and better off. Or would you prefer us all to be miserable and starving? If so, vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I mean, have you ever seen any government do anything competently? If the government ran restaurants they would be closed at breakfast, lunch and dinner so that the workers can eat in peace. And boiled cabbage - they would stink of it. The restaurants that is, not the workers.

And that is the miracle of capitalism - the actions of a bunch of greedy, pushy and aggressive people have made everybody (except the competition of course) better off! Who would have thought it? As for the competition, who gives a shit about them? Not me. Or you.

Religion? Not today, thank you. Mind you, I believed in Father Christmas until I was 15 (that awkward streak again - common to all entrepreneurs) so I guess there is hope.

On social attitudes I am very liberal - if women want abortions that is fine by me - the less screaming kids there are in restaurants the better. Gays getting married? Absolutely - let them suffer like the rest of us. Donald Trump? Nice man - I backed him to be POTUS and won 600. Hillary Clinton? I mean, what use is a woman who can't even spell her own name properly?

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